Feats per minute: a bike and recordplayer combined vehicle

What if you would be able to generate music by the simple act of riding your bike?

It all started with a dream: what if you would be able to bike to work, while playing music on your wheels? Three Dutch designers based in Amsterdam decided to investigate this idea further and developed a bike and record player combined vehicle that allows you to play music while biking through the city. Feats per minute was revealed on the 9th of october 2011 on the Dezeen platform in London and is traveling all over the world ever since.

About actually building Feats per minute...

The first prototype was build in a month. And yes it was pretty difficult, but loads of fun…. the idea is pretty simple; basicly, a wheel and dynamo work the same way as a record player. But it was not as easy as it looked.

A 30 year old bike was changed into a lefty bike; the forfork was blocking the possibility to change the records. A construction was build to support the weight and had to be strong enough for people to ride on it. The biggest challenge of all was to make sure that the needles would stick to the record and follow the grooves, without skipping too much. Therefor two vertical record players were taken apart, and explored how they worked. The designers wanted the bike to be as low tech as possible; that’s why the only “extra” energy used was a 9 volt battery to support the amplifier. In order for the records to run smoothly, the crank of the bike and the chain were changed. After that, a horn was build, to get some extra volume, and the whole bike was sprayed black. Sponsors like bikestores, handy people and DJ’s turned this dream into reality...

The Future of the Feats

Feats per minute is a dream in progress; a prototype. From now on we will continue to develop it further and make sure that within a short period of time, every city will have at least one Feats per minute biking around.

We will also try to press or own vinyl records, so keeping the right speed will be a little less difficult.

DJ's will be asked to share their favorite records and maybe even mix some music on the bike, while riding it.

Feats per minute was created by

Liat Azulay, Concept Designer and Art Director

Merel Slootheer, Product designer and Goldsmith

Pieter Frank de Jong, Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Vincent Beijersbergen & Jeffry Sol

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    Liat Azulay, Merel Slootheer, Pieter Frank de Jong

    Designers from Amsterdam
    Please send us an email if you have any questions, compliments or complaints: featsperminute@gmail.com
About Feats per minute

What if you would be able to generate music by the simple act of riding your bike? A simple thought that turned into a real bike, within a month. Feats per minute is a working prototype, designed by Liat Azulay, Merel Slootheer and Pieter Frank de Jong and created with a lot of help from Jeffry Sol and Vincent Beijersbergen. And we will continue to develop it further...